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A Travel-Worn and Battered Tin Dispatch-Box

John H. Watson, M. D., Late Indian Army

Jezail Bullet
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This is the fiction repository for sospan_fach.

Holmes/Watson and Watson/Murray gen and slash. [Full list of Holmesian fic and art here.]

Illustration © Martin Brown

"My troubles began when I joined my Highland battalion in India and had to have a batman from the ranks of my own platoon. No doubt I had been spoiled in India, but the contrast was dramatic. Where I had been accustomed to waking to the soft murmur of 'Chota hazri, sahib', and having a pialla of perfectly-brewed tea and a sliced mango on my bedside table, there was now a crash of hobnailed boots and a raucous cry of 'Erzi tea! Some o' it's spillt, an' there's nae sugar. Aye, an' the rain's oan again.' Not the same, somehow. And where once there had been a fresh-laundered shirt on a hanger, there was now a freckled Glaswegian holding up last night's garment in distaste and exclaiming 'Whit in Goad’s name ye been daein' in this? Look at the state o' it. Were ye fu', or whit? Aye, weel, it'll hiv tae dae – yer ither yins arenae back frae the dhobi. Unless he's refused them. Aye. Weel, ye gettin' up, or are ye gaunae lie there a' day...sur?'"

~ George MacDonald Fraser, The Complete McAuslan

Journal header image: Photoshopped by sospan_fach from various sources. Base images for Watson - Jude Law as John Watson in Sherlock Holmes (2009)/composite of various stills from Zulu Dawn (1979) and The Four Feathers (2002). Base image for Murray - Wes Bentley as Jack Durrance in The Four Feathers (2002). Base image for 1880 map of Afghanistan © www.angloafghanwar.info. Base image for notebook - combination of stock photographs. Text from Arthur Conan Doyle's A Study in Scarlet.