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British Bulldog

Title: British Bulldog
Author: sospan_fach
Rating: PG
Character[s]: Watson, Murray.
Summary: Response to the watsons_woes challenge 003: "Watson has got a gun."
Warnings: Mild swearing.
Word Count: 500.
Author's Notes: Book canon. Implied pre-slash. Previously posted to watsons_woes. As always, stringent criticism is welcome.

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Scraps of Tin - Part I

[A/N: I know this poor little Part One has been languishing up here since last August, but it definitely hasn't been forgotten. Work has been continuing on it since then (believe it or not. To the tune of approximately 50,000 words), and I hope to update soon. And thank you to all the lovely people who have read it - it's so very much appreciated. :)]


Word Count for Part I: 6138

Rating: PG-13 [NC-17 to follow]

Warnings for Part I: Swearing. Odd reference to blood and gore.

Prompt from the cox_and_co  Beeton Off challenge: Watson/Murray: hurt/comfort. After the Orontes docks, Watson has an unexpected reunion with a comrade-in-arms.

Author's Notes:

~ Slash.

~ The boys belong to ACD; I'm merely dragging them off for exciting and interesting exploits, and promise when finished to return them exhausted, happy, and only very slightly singed about the edges.

~ Major thanks to rabidsamfan  for a cracking beta of the draft of Part I.

~ Book canon. A few footnotes will be included at the close of the final part.

~ Stringent criticism is always appreciated, should you be so inclined. :)

Dedication: For bone_lady , in recognition of tremendous and sterling kindness and support; and whose enthusiasm for, and enjoyment of, this particular army medical orderly, quite match my own. [grin]

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Jezail Bullet

Jezail Bullet

This is the repository for Holmesian fanfiction by sospan_fach.

Full list of work here.

Note on Warnings
I endeavour to warn where appropriate; spoilery warnings will be blacked out, and readable by highlighting the block. If you have any specific queries about possible content, you are welcome to send me an LJ-message or email [address on profile page], and I will be happy to answer with further details.
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